The Benefits of Spray Tanning 

If you want to look tan, then gone are the days for you to chase summer and lay down under the sun for hours. You don’t even have to sleep on a tanning bed just to get the shade that you need. All you need to do is to find a spray tanning salon and get the services that you get right there.  


Spray tanning is one of the easiest ways to get that beautiful bronze skin. You can go to a tanning salon or you may have somebody to come over to your house to provide you with the service. If you opt for the home service, then a technician will come over and spray your entire body with an organic spray tan solution.  

Why Consider Spray Tanning? 

Spray tanning produces faster results and it’s easier and hassle-free. Spread gel, cream, or lotion all over your body is a bit time-consuming, especially if you’re in a rush to get to a party somewhere. Additionally, spray tanning tends to dry quicker and works faster than any other tanning methods. Spray tanning won’t get any nasty stuff all over your clothes all over your clothes or bed.  

However, the results you get may be different from another person’s so don’t try to compare everything side by side. The chemical reaction of your body to the organic substance used to make your skin glowing bronze varies greatly.  

What Results Can You Expect? 

Compared to tanning lotions, the evenness and shade that you get with spray tanning is unmistakable. However, you might have to experiment a little to see which concentration works best for you. The same holds true if you prefer to use self-tanning beauty products.  

But then again, some people find the effects of self-tanning products better than spray tanning. That’s okay because there’s really a big difference between these two methods. It all boils down to choosing what will work for your body chemistry the best.  

How Much Does Spray Tanning Cost? 

For a lot of people, the only drawback that they see when it comes to spray tanning is its cost. Because you have to go to a salon to undergo this tanning method, you have to schedule multiple sessions until you get the skin shade that you prefer.  

Each session may cost you between $25 and $50 depending on how posh the salon is. But while you may say that it’s really expensive, spray tanning is actually four to five times more effective than the cheaper options. Just think of it as paying for quality.  

Should You Try Spray Tanning? 

If it’s okay with you to drop by a spray tanning salon all the time or schedule an appointment with a spray tanning expert in your home, then go ahead and take advantage of the service. However, if you think that this process isn’t for you, then you may always stick to the self-tanning products that work for you best. 

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